Time is not on your side

Time is unconcerned with your busy schedule and stubbornly ticks by at the same rate regardless of what you have to get done. At Legal Mechanics, the hourglass is always half full. Your time is valuable; save time and money by outsourcing your labor-intensive work to Legal Mechanics.

stand out

Increase your chances of being published in the publication of your choice. By studying the selection and editorial process, Legal Mechanics crafts your article with an eye toward your publication goals. Make your writing stand out with impeccable mechanics and interesting and informative content.

your writing, your way

Authors have full editorial control over their final document. All changes are documented and can be accepted or rejected. Revisions are made with the author's voice in mind, as well as the target audience.

for humans by humans

Legal research and writing need not be formulaic and drab. Most readers can not force themselves to read an entire journal article. Engage your audience by employing subtle linguistic tricks to make ideas stick. Legal Mechanics focuses on making your words come to life for your audience so your readers don't lose interest somewhere in the middle.

re·vi·sion (noun): A change for the better