Has your work hit a roadblock? Does your project need major repairs lest it be put on the shelf or scrapped for parts? Legal Mechanics can take your work apart and put it back together, offering suggestions from reorganization to alternate approaches. From keeping updates up-to-date to providing a unique perspective, Legal Mechanics will help you restore your project to like-new.

Legal Mechanics is happy to share its best practices with others engaged in similar work. Whether your journal can use help training your editors to improve the overall quality of your publication, or your firm could use tips on effective message delivery, Legal Mechanics will work with your organization to help you simplify your processes and engage your audience.

Need help getting from Point A to Point B, or segueing seamlessly to point C?  Legal Mechanics has all the tools in the legal toolbox to help your work flow more smoothly so your message is delivered with maximum efficiency. Spruce up your writing or presentation with advanced rhetorical techniques or graphical content by working with Legal Mechanics.

For you, your message is more important than your writing mechanics. If you are like most people who attended law school, you probably hate the Bluebook and all it stands for. Legal Mechanics can fix your punctuation, grammar, and all of your citations so you can focus on content.

Sometimes, a second set of eyes is all that is necessary to get your work on track. Legal Mechanics will read your work thoroughly and offer a variety of suggestions based on your overall goals. From there, you are free to choose which areas you would like professionally repaired.

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rebuilds and restorations


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Publishing is important to your career goals; repeat customers are important to us. Finish your project quickly and efficiently so you can focus on the next big thing.

To improve the overall quality of legal writing in America by providing a blue collar approach to white collar work.

At Legal Mechanics, author autonomy is paramount. All repair work is catered to the individual based on the author's goals and needs, with no unnecessary add-ons.